Our firm began in the mid 90s having signed our first client – an education services firm seeking operational support to commercialize their product.  This client was an emerging small business and provided our team with the excitement of working with an entrepreneurial client who quickly watched their firm grow from just a few employees in a home office to a significant acquisition from a major multinational enterprise.  After our client’s acquisition completed, The DWS Group began our internal growth and specialization of small and medium sized business clients.


Since then, we have worked in many industries in countries on 4 continents.  We were able to experience first hand how global markets and the new technological tools were now allowing small and medium sized businesses to tap global markets and suppliers.


Our Mission: Our mission is to enable each of our clients to realize their dreams, goals, and financial targets through highly customized and detail-oriented consulting engagements. We seek to provide a personalized experience in each project we undertake and deliver unparalleled value and quality as compared to our competitors and provide solutions suitable for all small and medium sized organizations.